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"Next" Film News

Everything you need to know about the upcoming film.

Starring Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore & Jessica Biel
Based on the short story "The Golden Man" by Philip K. Dick
Director: Lee Tamahori
Screenplay by Gary Goldman
Producers: Nicolas Cage, Norm Golightly, Todd Garner, Arne Schmidt, Graham King
Executive Producers: Gary Goldman, Jason Koornick, Ben Waisbren
From Revolution Studios in conjunction with Columbia Pictures and Saturn Films
Distributed by Paramount
Release Date: April 27, 2007

View the 'Next' Trailer (posted 2/23/07)
Official 'Next' Web site

Summary: Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) has a unique gift - the ability see a short distance into his own future. By foreseeing events before they happen, he is unable to be shot, captured or otherwise harmed. When a government agency led by Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) detects his presence, Cris must evade capture while winning the love of Liz (Jessica Biel), the only woman who can help him. A looming terrorist incident adds urgency to the proceedings.


Official Next Photos:

(Click on thumbnail for larger image)