We need your help!

Jack Isidore philipkdick.com is in the process of a major site renovation and we need your help to make it a world class site by and for fans of Philip K. Dick. Interest in our favorite author and his ground-breaking ideas is stronger than ever and the internet is the perfect medium to focus the talents of motivated fans towards a common goal of raising awareness about this relevant subject matter.

Just so you know right from the start, this is not an offer for a paying job. What we are looking for is a team of individuals with different skills to spend a small but productive amount of time to build, promote, maintain and create content for this web site. It will truly be a group effort that produces a result that is greater than any individual could create alone. Since the site won't be restricted by the bounds of a commercial model, we will have the freedom to provide quality content without the hassles of money hanging over our head. It will be a labor of love to which every team player will contribute a fundamental piece.

If you love the science fiction of Philip K. Dick and are willing to spend a few hours per week working with a fun and motivated group of web savvy people, then this could be a great opportunity. The more access to resources and human power we have, the easier it will be to accomplish our goal.

Listed below are some tasks with which we need help. If you have a service to offer which you don't see listed, please let us know. I'm sure that we can find a place for you on our team. If this is something with which you are interested in helping, please send an e-mail to Jason K. There's lots to do and we're excited to work with you!

Programmers/Site Administration
Do you have the skills to design an interactive web site that caters to PKD fans? If so then we'd like to share some ambitious ideas with you.

If you have experience in PERL or other web-based programming languages and are looking for a side project on which to use these skills, please be in touch. Help with designing forums, online classified ads and scripted web pages is needed.

Graphic Designers/Media Developers
We are looking for digital artists and web designers who can contribute to the look, feel and navigation of philipkdick.com. We would like to make the site a constantly evolving entity and with your help we could create exciting new themes that enhance the visitor's experience. Whether you are able to help build and maintain web pages, create orignal images such as icons, backgrounds and banners or want to show your original digital artwork to PKD fans then we want to work with you.

Also Media Developers are needed to create web-based multimedia about Philip K. Dick and his ideas. Experience with Flash, Shockwave, Real Media and creativity would be valuable here.

Please contact us and show us some of your creations. Let us know what you are interested in contributing to the project or we have plenty of suggestions available based on your strengths and desires.

Public Relations/Marketing
This is an important job to be handled by someone who has experience in marketing and public relations. Responsibilities would include:
  • Writing and distribution of press releases through the appropriate channels.
  • Outreach to other web sites, publications, etc.
  • Actively searching out and requesting links from other web sites.
  • Contacting people about supplying content for pkd.com. (Maybe writers, notable persons, anyone of interest to PKD fans)
  • Generally spreading the word about the site.
We would prefer to work with an individual who has contacts and resources in place to perform these tasks. Please contact pkd.com is this seems like a job that you could handle. All it would take is a few hours a week to really make a difference in this area.

Content Managers/Editors
Help build and maintain the content on pkd.com. Each section of the site would have an editor who would help keep a high level of quality on pkd.com. Experience in building web pages is helpful here. Could require some writing, editing and outreach skills as well. Compiling news articles, managing message boards, contacting other web sites and setting up link exchanges are also possible tasks for this person. The ability to work with others and organize projects is a quality that we would seek in this individual.

You would help make pkd.com what it is so a good understanding of Philip K. Dick's fiction and ideas is also important. This is also a creative task.

Writers/Artists/Other Creative People
We need you to help create the content on pkd.com. Your original fiction, artwork, music, literary criticism, multimedia or any other form of PKD related content that could be distributed over the web is open for consideration. This web site is about ideas so even if it isn't directly related to PKD and his work, it might find a home in the sections of the site. Let us know your specialty and we will find a home for it on the web.

Can you help us with copyright matters? Talking with publishing companies and/or the PKD Estate? We could use your valuable skills to help forge partnerships and secure rights for PKD content.

The sky is the limit and we have strong ambitions for the future of this site. Experience in the publishing industry could be valuable for these tasks.

Game Designers
Let's put our heads together and come up with some original game concept for pkd.com. Although there isn't a project currently in the works, it would be great to get some game designers involved to create a PKD related game. Anything is possible from additions to the existing 80's arcade to a full blown graphical adventure or web-based role-playing game. I hope that some ideas can foster an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork to make pkd.com home to it's own virtual gaming world.

Your skills can be put to use in organizing projects and coordinating different pieces of a greater whole. Excellent communication skills and the ability to motivate people are essential for this task. You would organize either one aspect of the site that requires the work of different team members or else help with the overall site design and maintenance.

Connections to people with a variety of design and content building skills would be a welcome addition to this group. Please let us know what you have in mind for projects or we can help with some ideas that are floating around.

If you are interested in contributing to pkd.com and you feel that you have the skills to handle one or more of the tasks listed above, please send an e-mail to Jason K. We're looking forward to meeting you.