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Welcome to the Arcade

If you grew up in the 80's then you were lucky enough to experience the charm and allure of classic video games. Thanks to the wonder of the internet and JAVA technology, many of these old games can be played through your web browser.

Not only are they nostalgic and fun but they're a marvelous waste of time. There's nothing new here, just some fun games that are available for download from the web. Kick back, pop open a Tab cola and relive the glory days of arcade gaming.

More to come as I locate more games on the web. Brought to you by your friends at philipkdick.com.

PacMan Pacman - Play the java version of the one that started it all. More than just a classic, this game influenced a whole generation. This is a pretty good version that stays true to the original.

Asteroid Asteroids - Everyone knows this game. It still has all the excitement of when it first came out. Vector graphic madness! This java game plays fast and the sound effects are great.

3D Blockout 3D Blockout (easy) - A great 3D version of Tetris. A little tricky to get the hang of at first but full of mind-boggling possibilities. One of the best puzzle games ever invented. This game is fun for a beginner but will challenge even the sharpest mind.

Click here to choose your level:

Have fun!