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Minority Report, the short story by Philip K. Dick was first published in 1956 in the magazine Fantastic Universe. The story is to be made into a film, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise. The budget is rumored to be over $80 million with plenty of special effects in store. The Minority Report is positioned to be one of the biggest films of next year and one of the best science fiction movies of all time.
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Scheduled Release Date: June 21, 2002

Directed by
Steven Spielberg
Written by
Gary Goldman, Ron Shusett
Jon Cohen and Scott Frank

based on the short story by Philip K. Dick
Tom Cruise
Colin Farrell
Samantha Morton
Meryl Streep
Max Von Sydow
Produced by
Jan de Bont
Gary Goldman & Ron Shusett (Executive)
Original music by
John Williams
Cinematography by
Janusz Kaminski
Film Editing by
Michael Kahn
Special Effects by
Industrial Light & Magic
A Twentieth Century Fox Film
Production Companies
Blue Tulip
Amblin Entertainment

        News and Updates
These news reports have been collected from around the web as they develop. If you find an article or hear of any Minority Report news, please send an e-mail to

  • March 16, 2001 - Cruise May File Tardy Report to Spielberg
    Production on the futuristic flick, which was due to start next week, is reportedly in trouble because leading man Tom Cruise is still wrapped up filming Vanilla Sky for Cameron Crowe. Read more from Mr. Showbiz.

  • February 20, 2001 - Samantha Morton Lands Female Lead in MR
    Samantha MortonThe British actress, who was Oscar-nominated last year for her work in the Woody Allen-directed "Sweet and Lowdown," was tapped by Spielberg over better known competition after doing distinguished work in British TV and film projects, including "Under the Skin" and "Dreaming of Joseph Lees." Read more from Aint It Cool News .

  • Colin Farrell February 16, 2001 - Colin Farrell Cast in Minority Report
    Irish Actor is best known for his role in "Tigerland". He will play the enemy of Tom Cruise's character. Read more about Farrell at ShowbizIreland and Aint It Cool News.

  • January 18, 2001 - Cruise, Spielberg Race Clock for Minority Report
    Facing an impending actor's strike, production on MR is underway. Here's an update from Mr. Showbiz.

  • August 1, 2000 - DARABONT TO POLISH 'REPORT', Cruise a lock and Damon a maybe for sci-fier
    While Steven Spielberg's eye is on directing "A.I.," he's also focused on finalizing the script for his follow-up film, "Minority Report," so the Fox/DreamWorks pic can begin production next April with Tom Cruise and possibly Matt Damon in the starring roles. Apparently, he's asked Frank Darabont to do a polish. Originated by Jon Cohen from a Philip K. Dick story, the "Minority" script has been through many writers; most recently, Scott Frank and Spielberg spent over a year working out structural problems in the complicated sci-fi premise. Frank was unable to return because of other script obligations. Meanwhile, Darabont, whose last film was the Oscar-nominated Castle Rock smash "The Green Mile," is trying to hook an A-list star for his next Castle Rock pic, "Bijou." - Variety

  • July 6, 2000 - Minority Report Will Follow AI, Cruise Reports on UK's 'Big Breakfast' Show
    Read the story on Aint It Cool News.

  • March 15, 2000 - Minority Report on Hold!
    Steven Spielberg Chooses Kubrick's A.I. as Next Film Project

    Philip K. Dick fans were disappointed when this news broke. Minority Report, the film based on a Philip K. Dick short story and starring Tom Cruise, has been delayed until April 2001 to allow Spielberg to complete the long rumored Stanley Kubrick pet-project A.I.

  • February 23, 2000 - Steven Spielberg Says No To A Harry Potter Movie.
    No way, Harry!
    Just Say No to Harry Potter!
    More good news for Minority Report as Steven Spielberg ends speculation by announcing that he won't direct a Harry Potter movie for Warner Bros. He said his "directorial interests are taking me in another direction." (Wall St. Journal) And what direction would that be, Mr. Spielberg? Hopefully in the direction of precog mutant crime-stoppers . . .

    Read the story from Entertainment Weekly.

  • January 20, 2000 - Spielberg Intent on Minority Report Despite Rumors about Harry Potter Project
    It appears that Steven Spielberg is still intent on making Minority Report his next film. According to NY Daily News gossip columnist Mitchell Fink, Spielberg is said to have revealed, "Right now, Minority Report is next. Tom Cruise spent three hours at my house today talking with me about the movie. Of course, with movies, you never know what can happen to bring about a delay. If a delay were to happen in this case, then I would do Harry Potter next. But right now, it's Minority Report, then Harry."

    Tom Cruise also talked about the project during the Golden Globes with Fink quoting him as saying, "This is a dream to be able to work with Steven. I can't wait to get on the set with him just to see how he does it. He is such a visionary."

    Read this article from the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

  • January 18, 2000 - Entertainment Tonight Claims that Spielberg Hasn't Committed to Harry Potter (despite recent rumors)
    Read the full article here at ETOnline (article reprinted from Hollywood Reporter).

  • January 17, 2000 - Spielberg to do HARRY POTTER next?
    It's crunch time for Minority Report as the London Times and Newsweek report that Spielberg has decided to direct a film version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as his next project. Read the story on Ain't It Cool News and/or The London Times.

  • Sunday, January 9, 2000 - Minority Report Is Going Strong Reports AICN - Contrary to rumors, an eyewitness claims that production is moving ahead with this film. Let's hope it's true! Read the article here. on Aint It Cool News.

  • December 21, 1999 - Trouble for MR at Twentieth Century Fox?
    Negative rumors about the future of Minority Report are reported on Corona Productions web site. It reported that soundstages thought to be reserved for the film are being used for other projects and that Spielberg is considering other projects due to massive rewrites to the MR script. This is highly speculative.

    It caused the price of the Minority Report stock on Hollywood Stock Exchange to plummet. However online investors responded with a short blitz of trading that resulted in a brief upswing. View the Minority Report Stock Quote (MREPO) from Hollywood Stock Exchange.

  • December 22, 1999 - Steven Spielberg interviewed on Entertainment Tonight. He talks about his career, past, and future with a brief mention of Tom Cruise at the end. Read the interview here.

  • December 9, 1999 - Spielberg and Cruise Publicly Commit to MR
    Tom Cruise was interviewed on Entertainment Tonight and confirmed that his next project was in fact, Minority Report. Also Steven Spielberg appeared on the Larry King show this week and confirmed his commitment to MR disproving rumors that he might shoot Stanley Kubrock's AI before Minority Report. About AI, Spielberg said, "that is something I´┐Żll do later. Not now." From Minority Report Fan Site.

  • October 10, 1999 - Writer Scott Frank Discusses Latest Production Status - Also read about the production schedule, the writers vision for a futuristic setting and Ford Motor Company's involvement in designing cars for the film. From Aint It Cool News.

  • September 24, 1999 - Cate Blanchett Might Star in Minority Report Also Ian McKellan, Matt Damon and Jenna Elfman are in negotiations. (From Minority Report Fan Site and

  • September 14, 1999 - Rumors Untrue, Minority Report Still On!! Production Just Delayed - from Minority Report Fan Site.

  • September 8, 1999 - Uh Oh, Rumors That Minority Report Is Cancelled Surface Also Cate Blanchett Might Be Hired For MR - from Ain't It Cool News. Also see related story on Minority Report Coming Attractions.

  • August 17, 1999 - Spielberg To Work With First Version Of Script Written By Ron Shusett And Gary Goldman Of Alien And Total Recall Fame - From Minority Report Fan Site.

  • August 16, 1999 - Minority Report Delayed: Shooting won't begin until January 2000. Release Date pushed back to Christmas 2000. More details from Entertainment Weekly Online . . .

  • July 30, 1999 - Minority Report: Pre-production Rumors! also from Minority Report Fan Site.

  • July 27, 1999 - Damon Goes Bad: Actor in talks to join Cruise in Minority Report - Variety reports that Damon is close to signing on as the villain in Steven Spielberg's Minority Report. Damon would play one of these potential killers and (the twist) Cruise's brother. More details from ign sci-fi . . . More details from Entertainment Weekly Online.

  • July 14, 1999 - Esquire on Spielberg and Cruise's MINORITY REPORT - Very interesting insider information about the film. This report from Aint It Cool News (see link below).

  • July 20, 1999 - Ian McKellan may play a key role in Minority Report. Report from Ain't It Cool News.

  • May 26, 1999 - Rumor proved false as Spielberg is hard at work on Minority Report, script not finished yet. Report from an insider on Ain't It Cool News.

  • April 20, 1999 - Rumor that Matt Damon is considering getting involved with Minority Report hits the web. (From Minority Report Coming Attractions).

  • March 16, 1999 - Matt Damon announced today in the pages of the latest Teen People that rather than star in Steven Spielberg's Minority Report, he'll join buddy Ben Affleck playing Stan to Affleck's Kyle in a live action movie of South Park currently in development. (From South Park Movie Coming Attractions).

  • March 4, 1999... DreamWorks has announced Minority Report will open June 30, 2000. (From Minority Report Coming Attractions).

  • Dec. 11 1999 - DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox will co-produce the sci-fi thriller "Minority Report," which Steven Spielberg will direct and in which Tom Cruise will star, the studios confirmed Thursday (Daily Variety, Nov. 17).

  • November 28, 1998 - Spielberg Delays Memoirs of a Geisha in favor of Minority Report. Article from Mr. Showbiz News.
        The Story
Minority Report
Fantastic Universe, Jan. 1956. Featuring
Minority Report.
Click for full-size image
Set in a futuristic New York City, John Anderton is the head of a police agency called Precrime. Using the powers of three helpless "precogs", the agency is able to foresee when a murder occurs and arrest the murderer before the crime. The tactics have been successful, cutting down felonies by 99.8% during Anderton's tenure.

Anderton finds that he has been accused of pre-murder and he must prove his innocence through the course of the story. He also must deal with the fact that a younger man, Ed Witwer is after his job. His wife Lisa has her own motivations as well. The story is a roller coster ride through the realm of the impossible. Intrigue and paranoia are common states of mind for John Anderton as he tries to figure out who are his allies and enemies as well as the truth behind the accusation.

This story leaves many possibilities for a filmmaker's interpretation. Minority Report as a whole relies a lot on the imagination. It has a strong pulp sci-fi quality that creates a cool retro/futuristic atmosphere that could translate into a dynamic environment similar to Dark City or The Thirteenth Floor. Since it is only a short story, descriptions are rather brief, instead focusing on the complexities of the plot

In the hands of Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks, anything is possible on the big screen. They have the resources, experience and budget to create one of the most intense science fiction movies ever made. If Spielberg is able to understand and translate Dick's deeper questions (of guilt and innocence, the role of law enforcement in modern society and the tentative nature of reality) among the heavy-duty action sequences, this movie could live up to its true potential.

The Minority Report can be found in the following PKD collections:
  • Fantastic Universe - Jan. 1956 (see cover above)
  • The Variable Man - Ace, (1957) (cover)
  • The Philip K. Dick Reader - published 1987 by Citadel Twilight
  • The Collected Short Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 4: The Minority Report - Citadel Twilight, New York (1991) (order from Amazon)
If there are any more that you are aware of, please send an e-mail. Thanks!
Minority Report
Click here to order The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 4: The Minority Report from