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Interviews, Stories and Articles with PKD
Newgroups and E-Mail Lists
Blade Runner Links
Other Sites of Interest

- Check this out! -

Andre Welling's GREAT BIG LIST of Philip K. Dick Related Links. This project has all the trappings of a real-life PKD techno-fantasy. Check it out (large file - 300K).

Links about Philip K. Dick Movies:

And don't forget this page from Corona Productions:


  • Philip K. Dick and Fake Authenticity - by Joshua Glenn from Hermenaut Magazine (December 22, 2000)

  • A Life of Fantasy; A Literature of Fantasy - by Robert J. Toth. From The Wall Street Journal (April 27, 1999).

  • Internet exclusive. An Appreciation of Philip K. Dick - from Heavy Metal Magazine. June, 1982 upon his death. Contributed by Leighroy Ballaam.

  • Philip K. Dick, A to Z - by Laura E. Campbell (Formerly "The Meaning of the Man In The High Castle")

  • Cybernetic Transcendence in Valis - by Elizabeth Freudenthal

  • Valis and Modern Gnosis - by Philip L. Tite

  • Philip K. Dick: Reason, Mind, and Being by Roger D. Cook

  • In Conversation With Tim Powers - An interview with the science fiction author Tim Powers who discusses his relationship with Phil Dick. Here's the Page About PKD.

  • Reality or Simulacra - An essay by Amedeo Felix - exploring the perceived notions of 'reality' in today's world.

  • Philip K. Dick's Divine Interference by Erik Davis.

  • To Flee From Dionysus: Enthousiasmos from "Upon the Dull Earth" to VALIS - by Samuel J. Umland

  • Philip K. Dick and Human Kindness by Jonathan Blumen

  • Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson - Science fiction writer. Discussion of Philip K. Dick influence.

  • Philip K. Dick - A personal story by Brian Nation about his connection with PKD.

  • Philip K. Dick: The Other Side by Paul Rydeen

  • I Understand Philip K. Dick - by Terence McKenna. Afterword which appeared in the book : In Pursuit of Valis: Selections from the Exegesis edited by Lawrence Sutin

  • "The Case of Philip K. Dick"

  • "Has the sequel to the VALIS trilogy finally been written?"

  • "Puttering About in a Phildickian Land" by Jason Sacks

  • "Towards a Theory of Paranoia: The Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick," by Carl Freedman. (from Science-Fiction Studies, March, 1984)

  • Dick's Dicks: The Future of Law Enforcement According to Philip K. Dick by Tim Kenyon. Part of the Council for the Literature of the Fantastic.

  • "The Sirius Mystery and VALIS" by T Allen Greenfield
  • Do Androids Dream of Being Human? by Hans Persson. This essay is an exploration of the concept of artificially created men as presented in two novels, Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.

  • The Dick Factor: Philip K. Dick's Hollywood by Greg Kuchmek

  • The Last Theophany of Philip K. Dick

  • The Lost Gnostic Sacrament of the Early Christians... (Who was that Masked Man?). A web discussion about Philip K. Dick's mystical experiences on Cures not Wars.

  • Big Bill's PKD Stuff! - An solid informational page with references about his work and also PKD collecting.

  • Reality: Philip K. Dickwise

  • Member of The Science Fiction Book Review Webring

  • Bogart's Exchange - Philip K. Dick Resources and Trading Area. Also an e-mail list for PKD collector-oriented discussion.

  • The Hugo Award (Science Fiction Achievement Award)

  • The SF Site - The Homepage for Science Fiction & Fantasy

  • UBIK - Completely Safe When Used As Directed! (Paul Elliott's PKD Page)

  • Tyrell Corporation Home Page

  • Home of The Dutch PKD Fan Club.

  • Philip K. Dick's Grave (!)

  • Philip K. Dick's Letters To The FBI - Actual copies of the letters Phil sent in 1972 about an alleged Nazi conspiracy to place subliminal messages in his fiction. From the web site The Smoking Gun.

  • The bookseller who offers visitors Ubik fortune cookies

  • About the Valis Opera.

  • Exegesis Online Effort

  • A Tribute to Philip K. Dick - by Niels Rydahl Jensen. Some good articles and criticism on these pages.

  • Radio Free Albemuth Review of a Theatre Production by N.O.T.E. in Hollywood (1991).

  • NewEnigmas of the God-Wanderer - A fictionalized essay by "Dick Wagner" influenced by Philip K. Dick

  • Interviews, Stories and Articles with Philip K. Dick

  • Philip K. Dick on Philosophy: A Brief Interview by Frank Bertrand conducted by mail in January 1980. This interview also appears in The Shifting Realities of Philip Dick. Web exclusive to this site!

  • An Interview with Philip K. Dick By Nita J. Petrunio. Thanks to Frank and Claudia Krenz Bush for sharing this unique conversation with Phil. Published here for the first time.

  • Vertex Interview with Philip K. Dick By Arthur Byron Cover. Conducted in 1974, this is the first interview with the author to appear in English. A must-read. Internet Exclusive!

  • An Interview With Philip K. Dick from Science Fiction Review by Daniel DePerez. From 1976, a rare interview in which Dick discusses his work and career, politics and much more (Large file - 50K but worth it!). Internet Exclusive!

  • Only Apparently Real - This book by Paul Williams includes letters, conversations and more with Philip K. Dick about his writing and his experiences. Order the book and find out more at the Paul Williams Homepage.

  • "The Mainstream That Through the Ghetto Flows" - An interview that originally appeared in "The Missouri Review" vol. VII, no. 2 (Winter), 1984. It is based upon an interview PKD did with Mike Hodel for "Hour 25" on KPFK-FM radio, North Hollywood, CA., June 26, 1976.

  • "How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later" - an essay by Philip K. Dick

  • A French Interview with PKD - from Sept. 1972. I can't read it but it looks cool!

  • The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation - From Exegesis, by Philip K. Dick

  • The Dream Connection - A re-released book featuring rare interviews and stories by PKD. By D. Scott Apel. Book selections and ordering info available from the Impermanent Press.

  • Newgroups and E-Mail Lists

  • The Philip K. Dick Newsgroup - The big one.

  • PKD Jazzflavor - Devoted to the discussion of the creative works and life of Philip Kindred Dick. In addition to sharing thoughts on this central topic, the list welcomes other messages on things phildickian. (Also known as Electric Dickheads).

  • Blade Runner Newsgroup - alt.fan.blade-runner
  • Gnostic Newsgroup - soc.religion.gnosis.
  • Religious Gnostic Newsgroup - alt.religion.gnostic.
  • pkdtraders - A mailing list for Philip K. Dick collectors.

  • Blade Runner Links

  • NewNew Blade Runner Site
  • The Official Blade Runner Online Magazine.
  • The Author's Intention in Blade Runner
  • Paranoid Android - Robots and Artificial Intelligence in science fiction and film.
  • The Official Site of the Blade Runner Computer Game by Westwood Studios.
  • BladeZone - The Blade Runner Fan Club
  • 2019: Off-World - The Blade Runner Page
  • The Original Blade Runner Movie Script from Script-O-Rama.
  • Quotes from Philip Dick about Blade Runner - His thoughts about the movie, actors and the purpose of the story.
  • Study Guide for Philip K. Dick: Blade Runner by Paul Brians.
  • Is Blade Runner a Misogynist Text? by Simon Scott
  • "Skirting the Edge": Costume, Masquerade, and the Plastic Body in Blade Runner. By Francesca Myman.
  • Blade Runner and The Postmodern City
  • How Blade Runner Changed My Life by Brian Knatz
  • How Science Became God In Blade Runner by Tony Schloss
  • The Least Scary Option: Blade Runner and the Future City by Stephen Rowley
  • The Dystopian World of Blade Runner: An Ecofeminist Perspective by Mary Jenkins

  • Other Sites of Interest

  • The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

  • Andrew-May.com - Post-fortean Meta-complexity: Fiction and non-fiction speculations on the weirder fringes of science and culture. The web site of PhilipKDickFans.com contributor Andrew May. Check it out!

  • The Dark Horizons Web Site - A very cool site about movies with lots of great reviews, news and rumors.

  • An Introduction to the Gnostic Gospels by Dr. Elaine Pagels.

  • Cordwainer Smith's Remarkable Science Fiction - This great web site about the late science fiction author is built by his daughter. There's a great memoir about her father as well as information about his own writings. Highly recommended.

  • The Works of Tim Powers - About the science fiction author who was a friend of Philip K. Dick. The site has a great interview with Powers who discusses his relationship with Phil. Read and listen to In Conversation With Tim Powers. Here's the Page About PKD.

  • Stardrive - A scientific web site about Post Quantum Theory and the science/religion connection. (This is a very simple definition of this site. Check it out, you'll see . . .)

  • I-Ching Bookmark links.

  • Hermenaut Magazine - "The Digest of Heady Philosophy" from Allston, MA. Issues to be published on the web.

  • The Gnosis Archive - All about gnosticism and early Christian mysticism.

  • John Meluch's Rhino Graphics Web Site - John contributed some excellent digital art to the Original Artwork section of this web site.

  • Locus Magazine - The online version of the newspaper of the science fiction field, since 1968.

  • The Galaxy E-Zine - The online version of the classic pulp magazine that saw the first printing of many PKD stories.

  • The Gnostic Friends Network - About Gnosis and Gnosticism. An online community with many examples of gnosticism in modern culture.

  • Magritte.com - The web site about Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte (1898-1967).

  • Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections - An index to 3,367 SF anthologies and single-author collections published before 1984, containing over 23,000 works by 3,849 authors.

  • 1st Encounters Digital Art Gallery by Duncan Long.

  • Paradigm Shift, the journal of Magick, Music, and Media.

  • Disinformation - Challenge the way you think about your world. Propaganda, revolutionaries, censorship, counterculture, counterintelligence & newspeak. This site has got it all.

  • Erik Davis' Figments & Inklings - Not quite journalism, not quite cultural criticism, not quite flights of fancy.

    Do you have a suggestion for a link? Click here to send an e-mail.