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Frank C. Bertrand

Note: Almost all of these have not been transcribed and/or are generally unavailable in print format, in English. If anyone has any additional relevant information (corrections, additions, sources) about these PKD interviews, please contact Jason or me. It would be great if we could eventually make most of these available here for all PKD fans to read. Thanks for your help.

1. "I was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp FM network" [ltr., 3/9/72]

    "I had a half hour interview on CBC FM radio" [ltr., 3/11/72]

    [apparently took place while Guest of Honor at Vancouver Second Annual Science Fiction Convention]

2. "I'm waiting for a callback from Bob Ness, the interviewer for FM station CKLG, which is the big rock station here in Vancouver; the day before I freaked I did an hour-and-a-half live interview over the air" [ltr., 3/30/72]

    "For an hour and a half I was interviewed on FM station CKLG, the biggest radio station here in Vancouver, a rock station" [ltr., 4/2/72]

    "FM radio station CKLG interviewer Bob Ness had me on his show and we became good friends" [ltr., 10/31/72]

    Read Brian Nation's essay that mentions the CKLG interview.

    [apparently took place while Guest of Honor at Vancouver Second Annual Science Fiction Convention]

3. "I even mentioned it on KPFK FM last week on an interview program" [ltr., 10/6/72]

    "Two weeks ago on Friday I was on KPFK FM live (Los Angeles) for three hours. With Norman SpinradMostly we discussed fascism in science fiction" [ltr., 10/11/72]

    ["two weeks ago on Friday" would be 9/29/72. The KPFK "Hour 25" PKD interview that appeared in The Missouri Review was 6/26/76]

4. "During the Worldcon in L.A. I taped interviews for the Belgian Radio, for my Paris publishers, for Marin Junior College" [ltr., 10/6/72]

5. "My Paris editor from Editions Opta stayed with Tessa and me a full week after the con, taping interviews with me" [ltr., 10/11/72] see no. 4

6. "at the con I did a half-hour interview tape for the Belgian Radio" [ltr., 1011/72] see no. 4

7. "I knew him [Patrice Duvic] from last year, when he came to my former house in San Rafael to conduct an interview with me. Part of that interview is now in print in Galaxie in French" [ltr., 11/26/72]

    [apparently refers to: "Recontre avec Philip K. Dick," Revue Galaxie, No. 100, September 1972, pp. 135-49, and perhaps: "Entretien avec Philip K. Dick," Le Magazine Literaire, No. 75, 1976]

8. "I still remember Harley Cokliss of the B.B.C. TV team that came here in March" [ltr., late �72]

    "The B.B.C. wants to send a man out here to Calif to interview me.His name is Mr. Cokliss" [ltr., 2/14/73]

    "got a letter from Scott Meredith saying that a B.B.C. T.V. interviewer wants to interview me between March 5-10" [ltr., 2/15/73]

    "a guy from the B.B.C. TV wants to interview me in early March" [ltr., 2/18/73]

    "I talked to Mr. Harley Cokliss of the B.B.C. on the phone yesterday and he is going to spend the whole day next Saturday interviewing me" [ltr., 3/4/73]

    "Next Saturday March 10 the B.B.C. TV people will be here all day, filming me for a TV program for British TV" [ltr., 3/7/73]

    "The B.B.C. came and filmed me all day in my kitchen uneating breakfast, a scene out of COUNTER-CLOCK WORLD" [ltr., 3/31/73]

    "The B.B.C. TV showed up and did a film sequence of me in my kitchen, a short scene from a novel of mine. Then an interview. The whole film with all the writers will be shown to us in L.A. in June, I believe" [ltr., 4/9/73]

    "When Harley Cokliss of the B.B.C. flew here to interview and film science fiction writers for a one-to-two hour film for the B.B.C. TV, on the West Coast he asked to see only three writers: Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, and me" [ltr., 4/11/73]

    "the B.B.C. TV sent a crew out here to do a film sequence of me reenacting a scene from one of my novels, plus an interview" [ltr., 7/30/73]

    "He [Philip Purser] also said he thought the BBC TV hour program, in which I took part, will be aired in England next Sunday" [ltr., 12/6/73]

    "I am quite disappointed that the BBC dropped me onto the cutting room floor in their Omnibus program" [ltr., 3/15/74]

9. "I've even been interviewed by a Norwegian journalist who came to see me in 1971" [ltr., late �72]

10. "The other day a reporter from the local newspaper came by to interview us and photograph us" [ltr., 3/22/73]

    "Here's a clipping of an article about us. Our reporter friend who wrote the article took us to a press club meeting Friday" [ltr., 4/29/73]

    "Enclosed you will find a little newspaper article on us that appeared last week locally" [ltr., 5/2/73]

    ["local newspaper" would be one of the Fullerton, California newspapers]

11. "I'm glad you [Goran Bengtson] played the interview tape for him [Brian Aldiss], and by the way: you can let anyone you want listen to it or read the transcript as it stands" [ltr., 5/4/73]

    "A couple of years ago he [Goran Bengtson] came to the U.S. as a guest of the State Department and interviewed me in my home; we became friends then" [ltr., 6/14/73]

    "As far as the interview goes, I've struggled with it but can't fill in the mumbled garbled sections, except that where it reads "pure ego" it should read "pure evil"" [ltr., 12/7/73]

12. "I'm supposed to be interviewed for French TV soon; Norman Spinrad is making the arrangements" [ltr., 7/9/73]

    "I am willing to waive the usual compensation for an interview which will be part of a one hour TV program with several other science fiction authors, which, I understand, will be filmed in September" [ltr., 7/9/73]

    "they are sending a French chick to interview me for Paris TV sometime in the next two months" [ltr., 7/30/73]

    "next month a chick from Paris TV will be interviewing me, and when I found out that her previous interviews were with such as Buckminster Fuller and Arnold Toynbee I felt rather odd" [ltr., 8/31/73]

    "some French chick, from Paris TV, will be out here at the end of the month to interview me; she's interviewed such people as Arthur Toynbee" [ltr., 9/3/73]

    "Elizabeth Antebi from French TV came here with a camera crew and interviewed me and Norman Spinrad at Disneyland, 20th Century Fox and Forest Lawn Cemetery" [ltr., 12/7/73]

    "French TV interviewed us, an amazing French chick named Elizabeth Antebi whom I'm sure you [Charles Platt] either know or know of. She did most of the shooting of us at Disneyland; there we were, she and Norman and I, whirling around in the Mad Hatter's Giant Plastic Teacups, while discussing whether fascism was going to reappear and take over
once more" [ltr., 3/10/74]

    "a rather bizarre recent event wherein a TV crew from Paris TV came and did a two-day interviewing and filming of me � and then all at once I heard from the producer in charge from East Germany, not from France, that "the film is almost done and very good, and did you receive your money yet? And I will see you again soon very shortly, love, Elizabeth" [ltr., 4/13/74]

    "if you [Patrice Duvic] see Elizabeth Antebi, tell her to write. Do you know if she ran the taped interview (filmed, I guess) she made of me and Norman Spinrad on Paris TV?" [ltr., 7/28/74]

    [apparently a tape of this is available for viewing at the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, in Paris]

13. "I was on the air again, briefly, on the L.A. cultural station KPFK, and Mike Hodel, the interviewer, asked me if I was currently working on a story" [ltr., 9/3/73]

14. "Michel Demuth came here a few weeks ago to interview me" [ltr., 12/2/73]

    [apparently refers to: "S.F. Americaine vingt-quatre heures sous l'occiput: Interview de Dict et Spinrad," Actuel, No. 2, September, 1974, pp. 26-30]

Three Sci-Fi Authors View the Future - An excerpt from Scholastic Voice (1974) with original quotes from Philip K. Dick speculating on the future of humanity.

15. "Voice, a weekly magazine used in the U.S. schools, with a readership of almost a million, did interviews with (are you ready?) Michael Crichton, Kurt Vonnegut and me" [ltr., 2/1/74]

    "Also, I was interviewed by Voice, a magazine they use in the schools. Its print run is almost a million" [ltr., 2/2/74]

    "did a recent issue of Voice devoted entirely to science fiction, and in it is an interview with Crichton, Vonnegut and me" [ltr., 2/11/74]

    "I also had an interview in Voice, a kids' mag, circulated in our school system. Its readership is 900,000" [ltr., 3/11/74]