Lord Running Clam

by Nadia Markalova

LORD RUNNING CLAM ------- CIA File,Non-T,Active,13-1002,L

Lord Running Clam
Name: Lord Running Clam
Nickname: Lord R.C.
Nationality: Ganymedean
Class: Fungus
Sort: Slime Mold
Color: Yellow
Characteristics: Telepathic, Mobile, Automatically sporificates when attacked
Occupation(s) Importer- uncut gems
Buyer- philatelic collections
Dealer- second-hand Gold
Address: Marine County
First- Ganymede,Batch#- unknown, Date- unknown
Second- Terra, (germination-Alpha III M2)Batch#-3, Date- unknown
Other Expert on Terran Society
Numerous contacts on and off planet
Known One-Liners: "No Terran is an island"
"On Ganymede vengeance is sanctified"
Compiling Officer:
Jack Elwood
Senior 7G-Manager
San Francisco
Book Appearances: Clans of the Alphane Moon by Philip K. Dick