The North American Senate is said to be concerned about the growing popularity of ARAMCHEK, a quasi-religious cult that believes the late Science Fiction author, Philip K Dick was a prophetic emissary. Dick, who died in 1982, wrote his own techno-bible after supposedly meeting God.

Of course Science Fiction has already produced one self made Messiah, L Ron Hubbard, whose Church of Scientology was popular in the late 20th and supported by top Hollywood stars of the time like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. However that church's membership is insignificant compared to the power of ARAMCHEK who college students across the North American super state recently voted as "Philosophy most Believed". Republicans have denounced the followers of Dick as crazy while President John F Kennedy Jr (2) described them as "Commie Shits".

Followers of the author remain outspoken however, despite such powerful enemies. Gavin Maybe, one of the original founders of the movement and a member of it's political council joins us live from Washington DC.

Maybe : We believe Philip K Dick was an incredibly talented writer and prophet who predicted accurately mankind's destiny and received information from a higher power. His collective writings, his short stories, his 36 novels and most importantly The Exegesis all have tremendously exciting philosophical material. It is obvious from his earliest writings that his work was visionary and indeed clairvoyant. Take "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep" the inspiration for the classic pre holo movie Blade Runner. We have fully functional androids in our society today. This came about because of a number of factors, none existing during Mr Dick's lifetime. At the end of the last century the great breakthrough was made in cloning technology when the first mammal, Dolly the Sheep was cloned. Despite opposition, some years later, the first human clones were produced in the former USA. This presented no real problems, just rather more versions of Bill Gates than anyone particularly likes! As we all know Gates' Company, Microsoft, perfected artificial intelligence in 2007 with MARVIN, the first self aware machine to be officially declared alive by the supreme court. A few years later Microsoft took over Intel/Apple Cryogenics becoming Microtel. MicroTel like the fictional Tyrell decided to use their now almost unlimited financial and technological muscle to mass-produce artificial humans. These artificial humans are genetically engineered to be supermen and women. The men were primarily designed for combat, the women for the seamier side of the leisure industry. Sound familiar anyone? And there's more. We now know that the world is so heavily over populated that we are going to have to start wholesale off world emigration sometime in the next decade. MicroTel claim their replicants will be able to do a lot of the hard work for us in conjunction with the IBM/Mitsubishi FTL drive. It all adds up to almost exactly a Blade Runner scenario. All the elements are there and it doesn't take much imagination to guess we could be heading for future conflict between humans and the androids.

Interviewer : Surely other Science Fictions authors predicted many of these things years ago. What is so special about Dick?

What I was trying to explain is that "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep" predicted these Androids, predicted what they would be used for and given Microtel's recent public statements they or World Gov might well at some point employ Blade Runner style assassination units because these new life forms are technically unprotected from severe exploitation by law. ARAMCHEK and many other groups wish to change the law to protect all life to avoid any such situation, a situation we are wary of precisely because of Mr Dick's writings.

This book is a huge example of a Clairvoyant talent that manifestly works, even if it was on a subconscious level at the time. Most other writers in the future writing field were motivated by talented guesswork or in the case of 'the L-Ron', Mr Hubbard, not so talented bollocks. Sorry, I hope I can say that on the Network.


What we are most concerned about is that the Multi Nats stop their new slave trade and I urge anyone listening not to buy androids, or if they feel they must, treat them with respect. They are people just like you and me and we don't want them to be our future enemies.

Surely the Asimov rules protect us?

The 3 laws of Robotics will be scrapped completely as and when New People Corp or MicroTel decide they want to. We know MicroTel have prototypes that don't use the laws and in any case we believe the laws are restrictive to android rights. Life is life whether it be machine or human.

Has ARAMCHEK any plans to resurrect Dick as a clone from dead tissue?

There really isn't any point. All you get cloning someone who is dead is basically a genetic photocopy. If the original subject is dead then there is no way of imparting their distinctive life experiences to the clone. We aren't just the sum of our genes, we're also the sum of our environment. Phil is dead, it's a great pity, but we will never get him back. Unless of course his spirit is re-incarnated. Maybe Phil's spirit is back already, certainly his work lives on in everyone's mind who reads it.

So you categorically deny that your movement includes any clones of Mr Dick?

My lawyers are advising me not to comment on that. ARAMCHEK is a big movement and I can't vouch for absolutely everyone's natural origins, whatever they are anyway.

But surely only your movement have access to the necessary tissue ever since your operatives moved his remains into hiding.

No comment, again for legal reasons. Anyway, there are some very large doubts about who those 'operatives' were.

What about the fact that Dick suffered from mental illness. Surely therefore a lot of his writings lack credence?

Not at all, in fact the opposite is the case. One of Dick's central themes was a link between supposed 'mental illness' and recordable psychic power. This link was proven by Dr Katherine O'Malley in Boston decades ago.

Er... You mean the Wilber-Strysky Incident?

Yeah, that's right. Scientists have of course made even more astonishing findings since then. As well as traditional ESP and recorded Wilber & Strysky type mental traffic, pre-cog and superior psychometric powers have manifested themselves among numerous different classes of patients. This is probably a factor in the financial increases in funding, the improvement in care facilities and of course the sharp rise in claimable benefits for the mentally ill, or mentally gifted if you prefer. Society is beginning to realise that those it once most despised are now amongst its most valuable commodities. This of course is rather ironic when one considers the enforced sterilisation program, a brutal and barbaric act by our old Government which rather aptly backfired on them and adversely affected their political input to the Unified Space Program. Since we now have proof that such powers are possible, a precognitive ability on the part of Mr Dick is by no means impossible, in fact highly likely given the examples I have already outlined.

Even if we accept Dick's clairvoyance that doesn't make him God does it?

You're right, of course but what the media fail to realise is we don't think he was either, nor did he for that matter. What PKD believed was that he came in contact with a supreme power. Now like most people in the 21st Century we don't believe in God in the Judeo-Christian sense but I certainly hope even sceptical journalists aren't foolish enough to completely rule out the existence of a supreme power. Whoever or whatever that power is, it communicated with Phil, who wrote his experiences down in his Exegesis, a book which is a damn sight more interesting and relevant than the Christian bible I might add. ARAMCHEK believe in the freedom of all of us to explore our mental potential and that we can learn a great deal from techno prophets like Dick, Banks, Asimov, Womack and Clarke.

ARAMCHEK were of course an underground subversive organisation in Radio Free Albemuth does this mean you are dangerous communists like your opponents claim?

Well in the same story, Ferris F Fremont was a fascist. Communist is just a word, which doesn't scare us or belittle us no matter how much our Neo-McCarthyite leaders sling it at us. We are about a bigger word, freedom and if we have to turn the Government over or send up a few satellites to achieve it then so be it!

Do you think Mr Dick would be pleased to hear of your existence and would he actually believe in what you are trying to do?

I'm sure if he was alive he would either be leading the movement or denouncing us as a bunch of nutters, he certainly would have had an opinion which he would have voiced loudly.

If you really think Mr Dick was a prophet, why has most of the earth not been devastated by nuclear fire, leaving only a few survivors, as happens in many of his stories?

We're rather pleased that hasn't happened yet actually! One of the problems of organised groups and particularly religions is they take themselves too seriously. The stories you refer to were just that, though of a very high quality and given the times rightly worried about the possibility of nuclear war - still technically a possibility today. We don't take everything he has written literally, we just admire what he had to say and would like others to read and enjoy his work and more importantly consider his ideas, most important of which was a Christ-like love for humanity.

Thanks very much for talking to us.

It's been a pleasure.

from "Future Fantastic" by Joe Middleton