A Maze of Death

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A Maze of Death is a gripping novel that leaves the reader guessing right up until the very end. This futuristic story of space colonization is a science fiction roller coaster that has Dick's signature all over it. Fourteen people are sent to colonize planet Delmak-O. They are all experts in various fields and are required to work together to brave the frontier conditions they inhabit. When one thing after another goes wrong, the colonists can't figure out why they were all placed on this unforgiving planet. Mysterious events lead to the deaths of many of the colonists that leave the others baffled. At first they suspect a government conspiracy and they place blame on an unseen but omnipresent general. Dick develops a very curious theology based on the writings of a man named Specktowsky. This futuristic belief system is another brilliant Dick creation that probes into the metaphysical nature of human existence. The bizarre events and surroundings all come to light in a mind-boggling climax that puts everything in perspective. Science fiction at it's twisted best. Just don't forget to take your brain with you when it's over.

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