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The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick

A Short Film
Directed by Judy Bee
Produced by Alan Stern

Starring Brian Brophy and Lisa Zane
Screenplay: Juliet Bashore
Length: 21:47

The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick has been seen at:
Los Angeles Independant Film Festival, Taos Talking Picture Festival, Sinking Creek Film Festival, Sundance Channel

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A darkly comic journey as seen through the paranoid eyes of science fiction genius Philip K. Dick (Brian Brophy). Set in the Berkeley of 1968 against a backdrop of worn-out radical chic, shrill Nixonian totalitarianism and hippie psychodelia, the film is a dizzy detective story about a man in search of his own sanity.
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The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick is a short film produced in 1996 about the writer whose world is crumbling around him. A unique contrast between reality and Dick's own fiction sets the tone for this unique and interesting film. It is almost 22 minutes in length and stars Brian Brophy whose other credits include Star Trek, Max Headroom, The Shawshank Redemption and Robert Altman's The Player.

This film will be of serious interest to fans of Philip K. Dick. They will instantly recognize many of the events which have become the subject of much scrutiny and speculation among his admirers. Despite its short length, The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick seems to capture the mood and paranoia that Dick faced during the turbulent periods of his life. Director Judy Bee, producer Alan Stern and screen writer Juliet Bashore seem to be very knowledgeable about PKD and his eccentricites. They portray the struggling writer as a complex and deeply emotional character in this film. It is highly recommended to any and all PKD fans and it makes a wonderful addition to any PKD collection.

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