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The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick

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What people are saying about this new documentary film:

"***1/ fascinating and unnerving as any of Dick's fiction...clearly a labor of love, designed to appeal to fans and novices alike."
    - Scott Von Doviak, FILM THREAT

"...thoroughly many twists and turns as My Dinner With Andre."
    - Mick Martin, VIDEO MOVIE GUIDE

"...affectionate and prosaic. There's so much love for (Dick) that his fans are bound to be won over by the film."
    - Elvis Mitchell, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...modest and spare...serves as an effective induction into the Dick mind-set."
    - Michael Atkinson, THE VILLAGE VOICE

" enthusiastic ode to a conflicted figure."

"...the film's strength comes from the collective analysis of its impassioned interviewees."
    - Jack Matthews, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

"**1/2...has a gnomic, handmade quality that charms...wonderful lore for the newly curious or already converted."
    - Gene Seymour, NEWSDAY

"...a fascinating look at the (author) whose mind touched science-fiction forever."

    - Mike Wolf, TIME OUT NY

"...a guerilla documentary about the famed brain behind Blade Runner and countless other sci-fi staples."


"...a reverential tribute."
    - Kevin Maynard, MRSHOWBIZ.GO.COM

" obvious labor of love..."
    - C.S. O'Brien, VIDEO BUSINESS

"...reverent and insightful..."
    - David Young, AUDIENCE

"...a work of remarkable passion and sincerity."
    - Michael Marano, SCIFI.COM

" admirable effort."
    - Josh Saunders, FEED

" a conversation between friends of the writer. It is Dick's wake...cleverly caught on videotape."
    - Jonathan Hickman, EINSIDERS.COM

" compelling as any of (Dick's) novels."
   - Sean Axmaker, AMAZON.COM

"Genuinely heartfelt..."
    - Kurt Dahlke, APOLLOGUIDE.COM

"...definitely worth watching..."
    - Jennifer A. Hall, LOCUS

"***...eye-opening and informative..."
    - Lee-Norman Williams, CINETALK.COM

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News and Updates

April 25, 2001 - Director of PKD Gospel Hailed as Visionary by Independent Film Site

Here's the latest from Getoutthere from BT:

"If BT's getoutthere were ever looking for its own cult figure, Mark Steensland would be high on the list of applicants. He seems to have all the necessary credentials: he made a feature-length documentary about the writer of Blade Runner, directed a movie that was bought by the cult film studio Troma and even played a zombie in George A Romero's Day Of The Dead."

PKD Gospel in the Theaters

  • San Francisco: Red Vic on May 29-30, 2001

March 2, 2001 - The Reviews Keep Pouring In

Some good, some mediocre but all agree that PKD fans will love this film. Please check it out in a town near you. Here are some of the recent reviews:

November 29, 2000 - Streaming Interview with PKD Gospel Film-maker Mark Steensland Now Available

Check out this streaming video interview with the man behind the PKD documentary. He discusses the fateful events surrounding the film and the inspiration which spawned it. (Length: 4:41)

November, 2000 - The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick Picked Up for Distribution by First Run Features

Film-makers Mark Steensland and Andy Massagli in conjuction with are pleased to announce that First Run Features will bring this PKD documentary to audiences starting with a spring 2001 theatrical release. The video and DVD will be available through the distributor's web site (

Animation by Da'gum animation.
Preview more sketches here.

Jan. 2000 - Independent film-makers Mark Steensland and Andy Massagli are currently filming The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick. The film is scheduled to be completed in April to correspond with the August release of Impostor (starring Gary Sinise), a film based on a PKD short story.

The feature-length film focuses on Dick's personal mystical experiences in March, 1974 which had a profound impact on the author and his work. The Gospel According to PKD tries to find meaning in Dick's universe by speaking with Phil's old friends and colleagues as well as his admirers and fans who keep the author's legacy alive. is pleased to present this film-makers journal to new and old fans of the science fiction author. You are invited to follow the directors through updates and photos on this web site.

The film will include interviews with:

  • Ray Nelson (friend of PKD, author of THEY LIVE)
  • Robert Anton Wilson (friend, author of ILLUMINATUS) - Visit his web site here
  • Paul Williams (friend, journalist/writer and former literary executor of PKD) Visit his homepage here.
  • Miriam Lloyd (friend)
  • Jay Kinney (writer, philosopher, former editor of Gnosis magazine)
  • Jason Koornick (webmaster -
  • D. Scott Apel (friend, author of The Dream Connection, a book about PKD)
  • Duncan Watson (photographer, fan, webmaster - Philip K. Dick Slept Here)
  • and more . . .

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A great addition to any PKD Collection. 10 original tracks by Kevin Keller from PKD documentary. Listen to tracks or buy the CD for $9.99 from Click here for music or visit the Kevin Keller web site.

Click to view preview

This 4:20 minute preview features interviews with Ray Nelson, Paul Williams, Duncan Watson and an animated PKD. Requires latest version of Real Player. (Available for free download at

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Read the Film-makers Journal

Read the Damn Journal!

About the Film-makers: Mark Steensland and Andy Massagli

Mark and Andy
Film-makers Mark Steensland and Andy Massagli. Click for large image.
Mark Steensland's career in the film industry began while he was still in high school. Wishing for a way to converse directly with industry professionals, he turned himself into a journalist by creating a newsletter entitled Behind The Screen, and began conducting interviews. Within the year, Mark was publishing professionally and traveling to Arizona, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and Great Britain on behalf of such magazines as Prevue and American Cinematographer. His byline has also appeared in Millimeter, Videomaker, Electronic Musician and The Leased Access Report. In between visiting sets as a journalist, Mark has worked in a variety of capacities on such feature films as Mannequin, Wisdom, and Midnight Run. As a member of Double Vision Studios in Sacramento, California, he wrote, produced, directed and edited numerous hours of industrials, informational programs, commercials, and marketing and corporate image videos. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara and his Master's Degree in English from C.S.U. Sacramento. He has also attended the Bachelor of Science program in Film Production at Ithaca College in New York and the prestigious Master's Program in Screenwriting at U.C.L.A. His feature debut, The Last Way Out, garnered excellent reviews from such critical luminaries as Mick Martin, author of the Video Movie Guide, and drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs. After a successful limited home video release in February and August of 1998, The Last Way Out has been picked up by Troma Team Video and will be released worldwide in May, 2000.

Andy Massagli is the Founder and Executive Producer at Prolific Motion Picture and Sound. Since he was a kid, he had been an actor, but opportunities to be on the production side came to him while he served the U.S. Army Special Operations Command as a Psychological Warfare Specialist. He later went to film school while working as a professional pilot. He used his skills to get aerial shots and action sequences that were too costly for other student film projects and realized that he could get the effects of a high budget production with his own available resources. He left film school and, instead, used his money to build a fully equipped, digital production studio. His new distribution label "digiflix" will be an outlet for many new filmmakers to get their projects out to the public and will tap into a new way for fans to find the movies they want to see. For more information, you can go to his site at

Kevin Keller has signed on to create the soundtrack for "The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick." Kevin and Mark previously collaborated on "The Last Way Out," for which Kevin produced the score, and two music videos, "Ione" and "Blood of the Raven." The first video was from Kevin's record, "The Mask Of Memory," for which Mark also wrote and performed a spoken-word piece and contributed additional musical material to the record.

Jason Koornick is the owner of the web site and the Associate Producer of the The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick. He is a die-hard Philip K. Dick fan who is working on a number of film projects.

About the Animators - Da'gum Animation

Dagum animation
Animation by Da'gum animation.
Preview more sketches here.
May 25, 2000 - Animator Brent Dietrich (view his work on-line at has joined the credits of The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick. Dietrich will create a cartoon-style Philip K. Dick who will appear at various points in the movie to comment on such subjects as "mind- swapping," "taking the driving test," and "The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch. The voice will come via excerpts from interviews conducted with Paul Williams and D. Scott Apel, which have been provided to the production. "I knew we wanted to use the quotes," said director Mark Steensland, "but I wasn't sure how we were going to get them into the movie. Then I hit on the idea of animating PKD and having him sit in and address the camera directly." Early tests were deemed so successful that other animated sequences will be created as well. Stay tuned to for a preview of the animations. And in the meantime, be sure to hop over to to see some of Dietrich's other incredible work.

Meet the staff at Da'gum:

  • Brent Dietrich - Lead Animator. Animation, Direction, Backgrounds...and alot of co-ordination.
  • Seth Zeichner - Seth will help with the final production of all the artwork in flash or After Effects.